Meteorite Strike

A meteorite has struck earth without warning, unleashing a deadly alien virus. Thousands fall victim... but not Sarah and Robert.


Instead they develop strange side effects – psychic abilities. And that makes them a target for HIDRA, a rogue international agency determined to turn them into lab rats, just like the other kids they’ve already captured – kids who can control fire, create storms and tear steel with their minds.

Alien Storm

Pursued by a rogue government agency, mind-controller Sarah and her band of super-powers kids are in hiding. And they're not the only ones.


Given the power of invisibility by the virus, Alex has committed one bank robbery too many - now the police are on his trail. And somewhere out in the desert an old enemy is biding his time. But from the distant wilds of Russia comes an unexpected offer to help. A mysterious stranger claims to know the truth about the virus. But the truth can be a very dangerous thing.

Enemy Invasion

The powerful alien entity is determined to bring humanity under, aided by Sarah's arch-enemy, Major Bright, and malicious software expert, Marlon Good.


But the key to their plans is a 14-year-old hacker and his technology-manipulating powers. Can the superhuman team stop the disaster or have they finally met their match?

The Superhumans Series is published by Usborne Books

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