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Jane didn't mean to steal her mother's briefcase. And she certainly had no idea what the case contained, or what her mother really did for a living.


But Jane's split-second decision to take the case unleashes a terrifying chain of events. Can Jane survive the tech-fuelled criminal underworld she has just entered?

Ghost Tower

When Leanne and Hamid enter the soon-to-be-demolished Shang Tower in search of fabled treasure, they find a lot more than they bargained for.

An ancient curse, deadly guardians and an all-powerful sorcerer are just the beginning of their problems in a night of terror! Will they escape the clutches of the Ghost Tower?



Harry Boyd can stop time – literally. This enables him to live a life of petty crime under the very noses of other shoppers at the Gatesworth Shopping Centre.


Then one day, he is surprisingly caught in the act, and everything starts to unravel.


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